Lamar Jones, contemporary artist from Baltimore, uses themes of love, light and darkness in his work, blending pop-realism with expressionism. His concepts touch the fragility of life and the beauty of nature against the soulless uniformity of the urban world.  Inspiring through art activism, his most recent work gives an abstract interpretation on politics and social injustice.  Jones has exhibited from Baltimore to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago, with collectors internationally. He currently lives and works in Maryland.

"I like to manipulate the familiarity of characters to give my art a nostalgic feeling. At the same time, twist the suggestive narrative to a visceral topic, to create a mature conversational piece.  My work is influenced by everyday life, history, and fashion.  I find inspiration through nature and my muse. For me, art is about the vibe. My goal for every piece is to provoke thought and positivity. I create to speak a visual language of love and silent protest."